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Welcome To The World's First Mutual Goat Farming System

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  • 507, Business Centre, Main Shahra-e-Faisal Karachi Pakistan.
  • +92 (213) 4325578 - 79 info@goat2goats.com
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Goat2goats is a project in Pakistan that ensures goat raising and breeding according to international standards. We are collaborating with our local farmers on the district level. Our farming based on 18 months goat breeding circle which have shared among the farmers since 2016.

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Goat2Goats is providing an open trading system during the goat breeding system to support the farmer’s income and establishment of farms. We work on seasonal purchasing and re-trading systems according to the market prices.

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Goat2goats is providing proper consultancy to our local farmers on district levels. We conduct consultancy programs for their awareness about the latest techniques and involved them in traditional practices related to goat farming.

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