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This project is the first and most important part of mutual goat farming. Our goal is to provide a source of natural and pure food and lay the foundations of best economic future. It is not only fair and halal but also complies with the social and legal standards.

Compliance With Islamic Principles

According to Islamic point of view, this system holds historical value. The natural phases of production perfectly comply with Islamic values.

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Socially Valuable Business

Goat farming is viewed as a respectable business in society as many wealthy people had remained associated with it and approved it a thriving business.

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Maximum Profit Margin

Among all animals, goats are comparatively more profit generating due to their minimum breeding time and variety of usage.

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Production & Usage

Production from goat farming includes goat, goat milk, goat meat and manure which are consumed are widely around the world.

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Goat2goats is a project in Pakistan that ensures goat raising and breeding according to international standards. We are collaborating with our local farmers on the district level. Our farming based on 18 months goat breeding circle which have shared among the farmers since 2016.

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Goat2Goats is providing an open trading system during the goat breeding system to support the farmer’s income and establishment of farms. We work on seasonal purchasing and re-trading systems according to the market prices.

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Goat2goats is providing proper consultancy to our local farmers on district levels. We conduct consultancy programs for their awareness about the latest techniques and involved them in traditional practices related to goat farming.

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Posted on December 16, 2019 / By Admin

Take Care of Goats in Winter

Winter is a stressful season for livestock. Goats can get stress very easily, we need to reduce stress by providing warm housing, caring, and feeding to them in the cold season. We need extra care and management practices in winter to save goats and their kids%26amp;#39; lives.

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Posted on November 27, 2019 / By Admin

Stress on Goats

Animals affected by stress like a human: stress is a biological word that is used to describe a system, which fights against diseases and different changes in the body. Goats experiences stress like other animals; they affected by different stress, like physical effect, physiological effect, behavioral effect, and transportation effect.

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Posted on November 14, 2019 / By Admin

Goat Milk Nutrition’s

Goat milk is one of the best milk; among the other milk, it contains a high amount of fat, vitamin, mineral, protein, and lactose (milk sugar). It influences human health, physical growth, nervous system, immune system, and disease prevention.Lactose is the main component of all types of milk, and it’s a type of Carbohydrate. Goat milk has a low quantity of lactose: several nutritionists recommended to people...

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What inspires us?

Our efforts for Your Smile!

  • Growing your vegetables
  • Start a Goat Dairy

    We have a small farm of about 10 to 12 goats. We decided to start a goat dairy on our farm, it was a brilliant idea, and we were very excited. I was surprised when I made cheese and yogurt from our farm: this had very supplemented in our income.

  • Growing your Vegetables

    “As I work on the garden, the garden works on me.” Grow healthy vegetables for your meal on your farm. We grew quickly maturing vegetables like; potatoes, radish, lettuce, mint, lemon, spinach, lettuce, turnips, beets, and chilies on our farm and got healthy food for our kitchen.

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